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Done Image Update #3: All purchased Doomscrollers have been shipped! The outpouring of support for this project has been wonderful. Thank you to everyone! Please visit the GitHub for active development and troubleshooting!
Accidentally Successful Image Update #2: Batch #1 manufacturing underway. Shipping ETA ~2-3 weeks, raw handles will ship before blue anodize. I've opened up $1 preorders for batch 2. This will kick off when we hit a sufficient amount to outsource machining, I am very tired from this first round.
George Image Update #1: WAY more orders than expected, y'all are amazing. I'm capping this batch for my own sanity. No guarantees there will be a second run, this might be the whole worldwide supply.
Update #0: Project is live. Check out the Twitter megathread.

What does it do???

this and
only this.

  • Only works with Android/PC. Sorry iOS
  • Code will be on github
  • Fairly sure the battery won't explode
  • Doing it for the lolz, will try my best